Class Handouts

These are class handouts that I have made over the years.  It’s fine to use them for your classes as long as you use it as a whole, not copying and pasting bits and pieces from it.  Also, drop a line to me so that I know my work is getting put to use.

Clothing, Textiles and Costumes

Taking Correct Measurements

Taking measurements correctly is one of the most important steps in pattern-making. Fail at this and the rest will be off. Accurate measurements save time, money, frustration and prevent dissatisfaction.

I’ve made 2 different sheets, one for men and one for women. One for children is coming soon. These are specifically for SCA garb. You may not need all of the measurements listed, but err on the side of over-measuring.

1. Use little stickers or small pieces of tape to mark reference points like the shoulder points, nape, waist, hips, etc. It ensures you go back to the same spot each time.

2. Use centimeters. We Americans have no frame of reference for centimeters in measurements, but we have all sorts of body image problems associated with inches. You’ll have a happier person who is not dreading you writing down waist and hip sizes! Plus, it’s more accurate.

Femal Croquis – measurements

Male Costume – Measurements

General Clothing

Unpadded Arming Cap Coif Handout How to measure and make a simple arming cap or coif.

On Yer Heade HAndout
On Yer Heade — Period Head Coverings  — Or alternately, What Hat Goes with My Outfit?

Not Your Normal Neckline Booklet
A variety of necklines from period sources, plus how to measure and pattern necklines. Booklet format: print on 2 sheets of paper, front and back, fold and have an 8-page booklet.

How to Construct and Pattern a Medieval Hood From liripipes to the Skjolderhamn hood. Make one for yourself

Viking-Age Accessories

Viking Age Accessories Class flyer-type print version.

Viking Accessories booklet format allows you to print on 2 sheets of paper, front and back, fold and have an 8-page booklet.

Garb in the Viking-Age

Period Viking Age Garb for Women Handout
Very long (20 pages). Contains patterns and information on turning your measurements into garb patterns.

Scribal Arts of Calligraphy and Illumination

SCA Scroll Making for Awards

Basics of SCA Scroll Making


Introduction to Soap Making
My extensive class notes on cold process soap-making