My Russian Collar

For my Laurel elevation, I wanted to make something that included all of the skills I learned this last year studying Russian gold embroidery.  Here’s what I ended up with.

Я делаю оплечье.   Это ложится на плечи для традиционного русского свадебного платья. Я сделал это для празднования с группой  реконструкторов.

Я выбираю схему из исторических золотых изделий.

For inspiration, I used historic pieces of Russian goldwork.

3.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg


Ткань я выбрала толстая ацетатный шелковая ткань. Края были очерчены шнурком.

I choose silk dupioni fabric. The edges I outlined with twisted gold cord.

4.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

Настил из толстой пряжи.
I used thick yarn for the flooring.

5.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

Я добавил жемчуг, канитель и стеклянные хрустальные бусины.
I added pearls, kanitel and crystal beads

6.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

7.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

Продолжаю шить полы.

I continued to sew on the flooring within the designs.  I used more thick yarn and felt.

8.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

9.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

10.1 Josie Esperanza Sewell.jpg

Я шью на жемчуг, канитель, бисер и стеклянные бусины.

More gold cord, kanitel (gold purl), seed beads and crystals.

Законченная оплечье.

The finished collar!


I don’t even want to calculate the hours I spent making this.  If I had to guess, it would be over 100.  There were times I hated it, but then I would see how pretty it was becoming and love it again.  But in the end, I do love how it came out.  I felt so spectacular in it at my elevation!


My awesome husband, Adam, and me right after my Laureling.   The wonderful photographer, April Edwards. She is AMAZING!

If you want to see more detailed pics, I posted them to my school blog:

Джоси Сьюэлл

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5 thoughts on “My Russian Collar

  1. thesporkyrat says:

    I would like to know more about your headband. Are those beads or embroidery stitches? (Also, I love your collar. Brent saw it and said, ‘She looks *very* Russian!’)

    • LOL! I got interesting comments from my Russian friends! I’ll bring it and show you. It’s real gold thread that’s couched down in the negative space. I found quite a few period pieces where the gold thread is not the actual pattern, but the space behind it and the fabric is the design.

  2. Leota Manners says:

    Congratulations on your elevation! Your work is superb! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Martha says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Just like you! So proud of you and your fabulous work.

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