Russian Goldwork Year 2

My second year of studying goldwork embroidery has started!!!   For about a week, I almost did not join.  Time has been so stretched for the last year, and studying something in a language I do not speak is not the easiest.  What changed my mind was the regret I would have if I did not continue.  It’s an opportunity that may never come around in my lifetime. The chance to study Russian goldwork with the experts is something truly special.

So here I am in the first week of year 2, and I have my first assignment finished!

The assignment was to use a solid surface and attach the gold thread in a way that hides the attaching thread and makes the gold thread lay in the correct direction after each stitch.  Looks easier than it was (at least for me).  The stitch was confusing, as you can see from my backside.  The backside stitches should look like a herringbone stitch, but I did not manage that until partway through the 2nd section.

I love learning something new!!!

I used Sulky gold colored thread for the nicer parts. The thread we are supposed to use, which has real gold content, is not sold in the U.S., so I’m fudging with what I have.  The closest and most reasonably priced shipping is from a shop in the UK, but it will be a week or two before it gets here.

The art homework I still have to finish. So until next time . . .

Happy Stitching!

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