Basic Bead Tutorial

If you’re on my facebook, you know I’ve been coping with chronic neck pain. I don’t want to be on heavy pain medications, but the pain gets unbearable at times and causes massive headaches. The pain meds leave me tired and groggy but the headaches leave me incapacitated and mot able to think. On my doctor’s advice, I tried an epidural for pain relief. It worked great for 2 weeks, and then the pain was back to normal.

I want to live! Live a full and productive life! I needed to figure out how to do this. One by one, I thought about what was wrong and have been trying to address them. I won’t go into all of it, but one thing that I noticed helped my neck pain was working on a torch to make lampwork beads.

Art CAN be therapeutic!!

I only learned how to do lampwork a bit over a year ago. My best friend evilly bought a complete lampwork kit from the widow of a very talented SCA artist. I say "evilly" because I really didn’t need another distraction. But, like with anything I learn, I do it with all I have.

In my attempt to understand it better, I made a tutorial to help with the basic bead. Hope it helps!

Go make some art!!
Esperanza de Navarra

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