Women’s Viking-Age Garb Part 3: Step 2 The Gown

Step 2 : Gown

Not optional – must wear

Did you choose a chemise?

  • Yes
    • Then this gown could come down to mid to lower calf level
    • Linen or Wool
  • No
    • The gown should come down to ankle level
    • Linen or wool (wool is itchy next to skin)

Decorative Elements:

  • Tablet-woven bands
  • Silk strips
  • Embroidery

Different Styles

Style 1: Hedeby Harbor Gown

Long sleeved gown with underarm gusset and one high gore in the center front.

Gown Hedeby 1


Style 2: Hedeby Gown

Gown with several trapezoidal pieces that make up an attached skirt.  The bodice section has several, sections and the sleeve is in 2 parts and has a modern-like curved top.

Gown Hedeby 2


Style 3: Moseland Gown

This gown is your classic Viking-age tunic/gown with underarm gussets, front and back center gores and high side gores.

gown moselund


Style 4: Finnish Style

An interesting style where the bodice and sleeves are not separate pieces.

gown finnish


Pattern measurements are based on my original croquis:  https://maniacalmedievalist.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/croquis-ultimate-2.jpg

Pattern 1: Hedeby  Harbor Gown

pattern 3 wm

Pattern 2: Moselund Gown

pattern 4 wm

Pattern 3: Finnish Style Gown

pattern 7 wm