Rus Embroidery #4

I’ve been having fun sketching Viking Rus embroidery designs from period sources.  Their artwork, as I may have said before, is this amazing mix of Viking, Byzantine and Eastern.  I’m still researching on the stitches they used, but I haven’t yet found enough to post anything.

Here’s a new design. It’s based on a sword hilt from 11th century Ukraine.

Neckline / collar

rus embroidery 5 d wm


Hem, Sleeves and other Straights

Rus Embroidery 5 f wm


rus embroidery 5 wm

2 thoughts on “Rus Embroidery #4

  1. Hi. I found this in Pinterest and was wondering what the measurements on the neckline might be? I generally use a 5.5″ to 6″ diameter keyhole style neck on the tunics I make, but was not exactly sure how this V style neck would layout. I do embroidery on a separate facing and would love to try this one.

    • I customize all necklines to the person. An easy way is to cut out a test neckline on scrap fabric in the best size for the person and then print out the embroidery in various sizes and until it fits the space. I stopped using specific numbers after getting frustrated at necklines not fitting. I have a how to on necklines in my files section. Please take a look. It should help A-LOT!

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