About Me

I love medieval and Renaissance clothing. There is no particular age or style that I favor. I love it all!! In the SCA, I’m known as THL Esperanza de Navarra and as the apprentice of Mistress Martha Effingham of Stewart Kepe. Since I love most things medieval, researching, learning and creating things, my excitement makes me want to share, and my husband gets awfully tired of hearing about the diversity of gores and gussets, I’m afraid I’ll have to share with you guys. Constructive advice and comments are always welcome because, let’s face it, I’m not perfect and we all have room to grow.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. fishysqua says:

    Hi Esperanza. I hope you’re still at this blog. I am researching peasant costumes of the 16th century French mountains around Avignon. I wonder if you know where I can find a source for French terms for blouses, collars, cuffs, petticoats, etc of that era. Thank you. Laura

    • Although I keep a file on foreign (modern and period) terms for garb, I do not have those. My advice, look for a basic book on French costumes, possibly for the theater. You should be able to find one online or preview it in Google books. From there, you will find the terms you want. After that, do a filetype:pdf search with these terms in it plus XVIe siècle (16th century in French). Hopefully you will find what you can use. Good luck!

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