My Russian Embroidery So Far . . .

I’ve been a student at Ubrus ( a Russian school of ecclesiastic and gold embroidery since the beginning of October.  It seems like much longer. I have learned so much!!  It has been since my early days at university since I have studied so hard or worked so much to learn something.  As much as I complain about the work being tedious and difficult, I am exhilarated to learn.

In the next few months, I will be able to teach some of what I have learned.  I can not copy the schools curricula or lessons, since that would be a breach of trust as well as infringing on the ownership of their material, but I can teach it in my own way and share the wonderful world of Russian embroidery.

What I have done so far:

Our first few lessons had to do with stitching gold cord onto fabric.  I learned to make my own cord. My Russian online translator translated  the name of this cord as “waste of time.” It’s one of many possible translations for a word that does not translate (sewing terms do not translate!), but it is the one that has stuck at this house.  “Mom’s making some more waste of time,” the kids say exasperatedly.

My first work. It seems simple, but the new concepts and the new way of stitching was the main focus of this lesson.

It is not only stitching that we learn. One teacher focuses on stitching, while the other works with us on our art skills.  Until we can see the harmony of good art, our embroidery will always lack something.  Art is my weak point in all of my endeavors.  In high school, I was asked by the art club not to help them paint the school windows for holidays.  My work was so bad that it took them more effort to correct it than to do it themselves from the get go.

But I do try, and I am willing to learn. Our first few lessons incorporated doodling.  Looks random, but it is meticulously planned out in hopes that it will spark creativity and encourage artistic thinking.

JosieSewell 1.2..jpg

Besides, it’s fun!

As much as I would love to sum up nearly 3 months worth of work in one post, I’ll post more later.

Until then, happy art-making!
Esperanza de Navarra


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