Are Pokemon Swarming Your SCA Fighter Practices????

My fellow SCA’dains have been finding many an inquisitive Pokemon trainer at practices and other SCA events. I started thinking. Why not take advantage of this increase in exposure? What can we do to show them who we are and that we would love for them to play with us when not catching Pokemon?

These wonderings, along with my love of mash-ups led me to create an SCA flyer that will attract the attention of anyone playing Pokemon Go!  It’s the standard SCA flyer wording with a twist. Plus it’s made in a format to be folded into a pocket booklet (which was a long way for a pun: Pokemon = pocket monster and thus needed a pocket booklet :).

Esperanza de Navarra Pokemon GO SCA Flyer

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I’ve been dying to share this with the world at large.  If I’m having fun with something, I always hope that others will too.  The flyer takes up one complete side, but that leaves the other side for information of your local group.  Even if you don’t add anything about your group, the flyer will point anyone to the main SCA page.

Please print it out as is.  I’ve sought permission from all of the artists to use their work, and nothing disrespects an artist more than using their creation without giving them credit.

You can download it as a pdf as well:

Esperanza de Navarra Pokemon GO SCA Flyer



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