Random Ranting for June

I have been quiet here. Not really busy and life hasn’t thrown any curve balls. Let’s say that this little hiatus is a result of a pile of obsessions.

What is a pile of obsessions? Maybe you never get piled on with things that hold your interest so deeply that you can’t talk or think about anything else, but in my world it happens a few times a year. In the past Hogwarts camps have been a culprit.

Hogwarts camp is where I spend two weeks with other Potter Heads being a Professor and sometimes Head of House for various Harry Potter themed summer camps. Meet Professor T. N. Crumpets:

I have more alternate personas than my SCA one. I can think of 5 off-hand, and I’m sure there are a few others out there. Not multiple personalities. Thankfully I don’t have that problem, at least. They are simply a result of a very full, well-lived and well versified life.

Back to my pile of obsessions . . .

My best friend Brigida, current Baroness of Axemoor (i.e. New Orleans), gifted me with a lampwork kit that belonged to the late Baron Ladislaus du Brody, an extremely talented artist. It was simply a Hot Head torch, some tools and some glass, and I have fallen in love! And I am rubbish at it.

Horrible, just horrible. Here are a few of my beads, and these are not even ones from the first couple of weeks. These are some of my best!! Sad, huh?

Lumpy, lopsided, lemon-shaped beasties, and I love them!!!

Do I really love sucking at something so much? YES!! But not for the reason you think.

Most of the topics I speak about here, although I’m not an expert, I’m not new either. I’ve been such a dilettante for so long, there isn’t much I haven’t tried. Yet I have never, ever tried lampworking. Brand new arts can be very addicting, something I had forgotten. Setting aside the addiction part, learning something totally new can be such a rush!

Hopefully, I will not suck forever. Nor am I saying that there are things I do all of the time that I don’t completely suck at.

There is a rule when I am driving that all of my kids know and many kids who aren’t mine know. Be silent when Mommy makes a left turn. Not only do they hold all questions to me, but they stop talking to each other.

I’m so bad at it, that friend’s children, who were riding in a totally different vehicle, have cheered me on when I have successfully made a left turn in heavy traffic, and they didn’t even mean it sarcastically!

5 years of chorus in primary school, and I am still tone deaf and sing like Scuttle from the Little Mermaid. Yet, that does not stop me.

Generally, I’ll misquote Algernon from The Importance of Being Earnest and say, "It’s not the talent with which I sing but the enthusiasm that is important."

Actual quote:
“I don’t play accurately–any one can play accurately–but I play with wonderful expression. As far as the piano is concerned, sentiment is my forte. I keep science for Life.”

There are other things I’m rubbish at, but on to more fun things!

Add to the bead-making, after nearly 22 years of promising my husband, I finally started Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Even though I’m only listening to the unabridged audio-books, that is one friggin’ dense series. I got all the through book 8, realized that I couldn’t remember which minor characters did what, and I had to start back at the beginning. I’ve finally got through book 6 again, and now my brain needs a break.

Great series!! But man, oh man, it is full of lots of little details and it is not something I can casually listen to and know what is happening.

There are certain things I can do while listening to it. Hand sewing, simple embroidery, cleaning house, but I can not do anything that requires actual thinking. My research and writing has been suffering the most. Even lampworking is too much thinking for keeping up with the goings-on of those folk.

The conclusion I reached is that I will have to bite off smaller chunks of the Wheel of Time and not marathon listen to it. Another conclusion: I do not multitask. That is not how my ADD works. Yet another conclusion: I’m not flaky, but I am really flighty. Think Toreador from Vampire the Masquerade 2nd edition, "caught in the grip of constantly shifting passions."

I do have a ton of stuff that I need to post about. A whole series on the Skjoldehamn find is nearly ready. I’ve translated and written a bunch of information on Viking-age Russian clothing. Now that Robert Jordan is not being heard every waking moment, including during my insomnia episodes, and sometimes when I go to sleep, I can share more.

To have such passion for life and art can be both a blessing and a curse,


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