Gleann Abhann’s 10th Year and Kingdom A&S

This weekend celebrated 10 years as a Kingdom for Gleann Abhann. In case you have never heard of it, Gleann Abhann is a Kingdom in the SCA. It’s made up of Louisiana, Mississippi, most of Arkansas and the Memphis area. At one time it was the smallest Kingdom population-wise, and it still may be, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in heart, spirit and attitude.

When my family and I started in the SCA back in 2001, Gleann Abhann was a principality and part of the Kingdom of Meridies. We made a push to be our own kingdom (Growth by Division!!), and it was all scheduled to happen in the fall of 2005. Then Katrina hit us.

It still happened. We became a kingdom. Although our mascot is the ram, like a phoenix, we pulled ourselves up after nearly being destroyed and made something even better.

I had an amazing time. I judged some lovely textile entries, talked with many friends and simple had a great time. Although I was not ready with anything of my own to enter, it was good to see the hard work and skills of my fellow Gleann Abhanners!

That’s me on the far right. Don’t judge my hodge-podge pseudo-Viking – it was record degree heat (up in the mid 90’s) and after a day of running around, that was about all I was going to wear!


2 thoughts on “Gleann Abhann’s 10th Year and Kingdom A&S

  1. Oh! What an interesting coincidence! I’m scrolling through lovely articles about garb and lo! A picture of our most beautiful Queen Mary Grace!

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