Skjodehamn Over-Tunic: part one

I’ve been working on translating Gjessing’s and Lølvid’s work on the Skoldehamn tunics for a project for a friend. Both are written in Norwegian, and I am still trying to get the hang of the way direct and indirect objects are treated in Norsk. Thus my work has been slow going.

I am finally finished with translating the over-tunic (kofta) sections!!! And I am tickled pink that I can finally cut the fabric and get my hands dirty!!

Why not just use the simple pattern easily found online? The one drafted by Marc Carlson?

Although a perfectly good pattern, the measurements are based on Gjessing’s original 1938 paper on the clothing. To me, Lølvid has done a good job showing that many of Gjessing’s figures were off. Plus, I think I’ve gotten to the point in my research on Viking-age clothing where I need to dig deeper. I could base my friend’s tunic off of the simple pattern, or I could figure out what Lølvid is saying and see if there is anything a bit more to it.

I am glad I did! Although essentially rectangles, squares and triangles, there are definite ratios at play in the Skjoldehamn tunic. I’ve drafted up some sketches showing some ideas that came to me. As soon as I can get my scanner working, I’ll get to post them and share. Until then, I’m off to the cutting board!



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