“Some Kind of Metal Closure”

After hours of frustration, I was thinking of writing a book on clasps used with Viking clothing and titling it "Some Kind of Metal Closure," because even in the well written and well documented books on Viking-age clothing, when it comes to detailing out what closes the neckline of a tunic, they nearly all say "it was closed with some kind of metal closure"!

A couple of the interesting things I learned today:

  • The German word for what we Americans call a toggle is knebelknöpfe
  • The flat snake brooches were used as garment closures, but only by women. If a man was wearing it, he was "pushing gender issues." (this little tidbit made me want to get all of my guy friends with Viking personas flat snake brooches to close their tunics and then giggle every time I saw them)

I do think I am closer to figuring out what Viking dudes used to keep the flaps of their tunics from coming open. I’ll let you know when I do.


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