Voiceless, but not Wordless

I lost my voice! None. Gone. Not even a little squeak. Allergens in southern Louisiana this year are worse than average. Maybe it was the alternating warm and really cold fronts moving through that have made all the blooming things bloom with a vengeance, but from what I hear, I am not the only one who has lost their voice from allergies.

I’m on day 4, and from the test this morning, I have a little bit back, but it may be a few more days or week or two until I can talk. Having Android’s version of Siri be my voice really creeps my husband out!

The good news is that I’ve been doing research. I’ve turned my focus from 14th century to "Viking" period clothing. Why? Because nearly the entire Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (my SCA kingdom) is some kind of Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Norman or other early period persona, and I became fascinated by what is real Viking garb and what is the SCA equivalent to horned helmets.


One thought on “Voiceless, but not Wordless

  1. CAT Herbert says:

    I have tons of photos and links on my pinterest page. Email me if you’re interested in linking to it. I am known as Solveig Hakonsdottir from the Outlands and I am like you, not an “expert” or Laurel but have done extensive research in historical areas of interest. Hope your voice comes back soon! The bane of my existence(Mulberry) is in extreme range for pollen right now so I can relate.

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